The Phantom of the Opera

IMDb 5.5 93 min
Drama, Romance, Horror, Music
Bill Nighy, Jill Schoelen, Robert Englund, Alex Hyde White
Dwight H. Little
United States, United Kingdom, Hungary
5.0 / 2 times
A newer and gorier version of the horror film classic of Gaston Leroux's classic tale. Christine Day is a young Broadway singer in New York City. She is auditioning for a show and comes across a piece of music written by an unknown music composer named Erik Destler nearly 100 years before. Erik had made a pack with the devil so the world would love his music, but the devil had one condition: that Erik's face would be horribly disfigured forever. Once Christine sings his music, she is taken from present day New York to 1881 London were she is the star of the London Opera House. Their she is coached by a mysterious caped figure who will do anything to make her the star of the opera even if it means murdering people, and the figure is none other than Erik Destler himself.
Chap 265 | Woche Heute (0) | Resilience